• Our property management service is tax deductible in most cases.Contact your accountant to see how it can benefit you.

• Many insurance policies require a regular "check up" during owner's absence. Check with your insurer, then ask us how we can help!

• All services and inspections are carefully documented.

• We have standard professional services at afforable prices available in packages or you can personalize your needs.

Pricing varies by size and frequency of service. Our services include:
• Test and adjust chemical levels, adding the necessary chemicals to keep the water in balance to avoid damage to the surface of the pool/spa/water feature or damage to the equipment
• Skim the pool to remove all debris from water surface
• Brush the pool tiles and the interior walls
• Vacuum the bottom of the pool/spa
• Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
• Clean filter(s) or backwash as necessary
• Inform customer of any problems or necessary repairs

Optional services include:
• Acid washing of swimming pool or spa
• Pool Clean-ups for pools that are dark green, brown, and/or black
• Hand cleaning of pool or spa tile
• Replacement of pool filter cartridge as necessary (approx. every 12 months)
• Auto-pool cleaner repairs
• Phosphate Treatments

Service day
The services detailed above are for 52 cleaning days per year. If your service day falls on a holiday we will make every attempt to work it into another service day that same week.

Pool Owner Responsibility
During the summer months we recommend your filter system to run at least 8-10 hours each day of the week for the chemicals to circulate properly. Please maintain proper water levels in the pool and spa at all times. When there are pool problems, we will contact you as soon as possible. However, we are only as good as your pool system equipment allow us to be!

A Word about Pets
We request that pets be placed inside the home or well secured on service days. We do our best to guarantee your pets safety while servicing your pool. However, we can not be responsible for pets that escape during our service call.

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